LUXE DE SKIN Repair Moisturizer 喚膚修復锁水乳


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Luminous Repair Moisturizer (30ml)


LUMINOUS REPAIR MOISTURISER with high, molecularly water-filled system and added Hobba seed oil for nourished, moisturized skin, allowing skin to lock in moisture for 12 full hours. The core component, oligopeptide-1, can effectively repair and rejuvenate while also creating a protective barrier that resists further damage to the skin.

  • 30ml
  • Repair Damaged Skin Barrier
  • Lock in Hydration
  • Glowing & Smoothing
  • Tighten Skin & Reduce Wrinkles
  • Anti-Ageing

喚膚修復锁水乳 (30ml)


喚膚修復乳採用的高分子水包油的體系,添加了霍霍巴籽油滋養潤澤肌膚,有效鎖住水分,讓肌膚保濕長達12小時。其中核心成分寡肽-1 有效修復屏障受損,同時打造一層呵護屏障膜,抵抗肌膚受任何傷害。


  • 修復肌膚受損
  • 補水鎖水
  • ·光滑亮澤肌膚
  • 緊致除皺
  • 延緩衰老





Repair damaged skin barrier, Soothing & Calming skin, Long lasting hydration, Relieving dry skin, Minimise pores

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