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  • 隔離防曬SPF 30 pa++
  • 美白提亮肌膚
  • 縮小毛孔
  • 淡化痘印
  • 鎮定痘痘


升級版養膚霜保留了大眾喜愛的成分效果。從而研究了新配方,讓原有的效果雙倍提升,在安全無害的情況下,更快更有效地改善肌膚問題。新配方裏添加了雙倍珍珠粉,新成分苦參鹼草藥,以更有效讓肌膚淡化黑色素沈澱,以及壓製痘痘生長。升級版養膚霜質地更細膩順滑 ,上臉容易推開及保濕 ,透亮效果更為顯著。


Luminous Cream Spf 30 pa++


LUMINIOUS CREAM Spf 30 pa++ retains its popular, original ingredients – however the new formula enhances the original effect and improves skin problems even faster and more efficiently. The ingredients remain all natural assuring its safety and harmlessness. In the new formula, double pearl powder and matrine are added to make the skin fade melanin deposits and suppress the growth of acne. The advanced formula of Luminous Cream has a more delicate texture, smooth and easy to apply and leaves your face moisturized with a translucent glow. It brings out the best in your skin.


  • Sunscreen SPF 30 pa++
  • Whitening & Glowing Skin
  • Minimise Pores
  • Reduce Acne Marks
  • Anti-Acne





它質地絲滑略稠,上臉效果與一般的化妝水顯然不同 ,再配合0防腐劑,更加溫和親膚。使用時無需使用化妝棉 ,徒手塗抹上臉 , 按摩吸收以發揮最好效果。



  • 修復屏障受損
  • 鎮定舒緩
  • 增強肌膚保水能力
  • 改善幹燥緊繃肌膚
  • 細膩毛孔



Luminous Repair Toner


LUMINOUS REPAIR TONER can deeply repair and hydrate skin, effectively restore damaged and fragile skin to its original healthy state.


Its texture is silky and slightly thick, and its effect on the face is clearly superior from that of your common toner.


Its preservative free formula is more gentle and skin friendly.


It’s not necessary to use a cotton pad when applying. Simply apply it on the face with bare hands and massage until fully absorbed for the best results.




  • Repair Damaged Skin Barrier
  • Soothing & Calming Skin
  • Long-lasting Hydration
  • Relieving Dry Skin
  • Minimise Pores



喚膚修復乳採用的高分子水包油的體系,添加了霍霍巴籽油滋養潤澤肌膚,有效鎖住水分,讓肌膚保濕長達12小時。其中核心成分寡肽-1 有效修復屏障受損,同時打造一層呵護屏障膜,抵抗肌膚受任何傷害。


  • 修復肌膚受損
  • 補水鎖水
  • 光滑亮澤肌膚
  • 緊致除皺
  • 延緩衰老


Luminous Repair Moisturiser


LUMINOUS REPAIR MOISTURISER with high, molecularly water-filled system and added Hobba seed oil for nourished, moisturized skin, allowing skin to lock in moisture for 12 full hours. The core component, oligopeptide-1, can effectively repair and rejuvenate while also creating a protective barrier that resists further damage to the skin.

  • Repair Damaged Skin Barrier
  • Lock in Hydration
  • Glowing & Smoothing
  • Tighten Skin & Reduce Wrinkles
  • Anti-Ageing



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